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mercredi 2 mai 2012

New Victorian Pastel Houses don’t come cheap, but they will go fast cityville honeymoon hotel items

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If you’re looking for a major boost to your CityVille population, without taking up a ton of space with many smaller homes, Zynga has released an (expensive) option that you might consider. A new “Pastel Houses” home has been added to the game’s build menu, and in this item actually comes three different homes (one each of blue, pink, and yellow), all for the same price. Not that you’re really saving on much here, as this one costs – wait for it – 60 City Cash. No, I’m not joking (but I wish I was).
cityville pastel homes  New Victorian Pastel Houses dont come cheap, but they will go fast
For those willing to splurge, the Pastel Houses reward you with 700 new citizens to start, which can be upgraded to 1,000 over time. You’ll be able to collect rent from the homes once daily to receive 576 coins each time by default (that is, unless you add surrounding decorations to boost the number).
If you’re at all interested in purchasing the Pastel Houses, you’ll need to do so quickly, as they’ll only be available in the game for the next two days. Does this item’s short time limit (and therefore rarity) make it worth the high price tag? That will ultimately be up to you. Personally? I think I’ll save my City Cash for another day.

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