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mardi 1 mai 2012

Facebook Hidden Chronicles Guide Machu Picchu to Find Every Item

Here’s the Hidden Chronicles Guide for Machu Picchu so that you can find every item easily.
The first guide for Machu Picchu is an image with numbers that correspond to the items you can find in this location. The second image is fast find guide which is a grid map for Machu Picchu. The grid map guide consists of grids like an excel grid lines. The upper portion consists of columns with letters A to L while the rows have numbers from 1 to 10.
hidden chronicles guide Machu Picchu - find every item
fast find every item in Machu Picchu
Andean Cock B2
Antler B6
Axe J6
Basket of Wool D3
Beehive A4
Bell G8
Belt G6
Binocular G9
Blanket B8
Bottle L8
Bowl G10
Camera H2
Candles K2
Clay Jug A3
Coal G6
Coal G6
Cocoa Beans H8
Colorful Basket C7
Compass I8
Cooking Pen D6
Corn B6
Cup J10
Diamond C9
Doll A8
Drop Spindle D8
Drum L5
Firewood C9
Foot Print D10
Gem Stone K6
Gold Finch B6
Golden Jewlry G4
Golden Statue L6
Guinea Pig E5
Hat J7
Hay F5
Inca Weapon A6
Knife F10
Ladder E2
Lantern H7
Leaf Footed Bug I10
Llama Halter H7
Mask A6
Medallion L8
Missing Rock E2
Mortar and Pestle F7
Number 5 D5
Orchids H5
Pearls L9
Peruvian Loom C3
Poisen Dart Frog E7
Postcard K8
Rabbit K4
Rainbow C1
Red Ribbon C8
Rope E4
Sandle H8
Shells E8
Snail L4
Snake C5
Spear I9
Stone Face F6
Stone Frog I3
Stool K9
Sun D1
Treasure Chest G4
Umbrella I5
Violet Potatos J7
Walking Stick I3
Water Pouch L2
Wooden Spoon G10
Woven Pillow E8
Yarn Balls B3
Llama Halter H7
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