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mardi 1 mai 2012

Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheat New astuce

You wanted to continue finding those hidden objects but you run out of energy, one of the ways to continue unearthing those hidden objects, solve puzzles and be able to share the mystery to your Facebook friends even more is to use Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheats.
You would say: “I won’t use Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheats”. But as you progress with the game and you notice that some of players are leveling faster than you do, you will be tempted to use energy cheats or other Hidden Chronicles Cheats.

How to cheat for Hidden Chronicles Energy?

1. Click on the particular energy you want to acquire. (You have to click 10 to 15 times)
2. Choose a dummy account and then choose “Send Friend Request”. Do the same with the other tabs but never click on the second “Send” yet.
3. This time,  click all “Send Requests” (After clicking on the “Send Requests” button, close the tab in order to avoid lagging of the current process).
4.  Finally, open your dummy account and accept all requests! Enjoy using this Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheat!

Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheats (get all!, click all!)

hidden chronicles energy cheats x5  hidden chronicles energy cheats x10  hidden chronicles energy cheats x100

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