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mercredi 2 mai 2012

CityVille: send +12 energy send energy cityville 12+ cityville +12

  • send energy cityville 12+
  • cityville 12 energy
  • send 12 energy in cityville
  • cityville +12
  • send energy in cityville
  • send energy cityville
  • cityville send 12 energy friends
  • shamrocks request cityville
Watch out! From now on again with the online link you +12 energy to your neighbors send can. Those who are so diligently his neighbors know (preferably with a press of the “Like”button), can come very quickly to a lot of energy points. Simply go to the below e Graphics click and you have fallen into the“transmission window” . Say to your friends and neighbors know!
NOTE: If you no matter, you’ve used up your limit of 10 gifts Geschenken/24 hours already. Try it in this case later.

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