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mardi 1 mai 2012

Facebook Guide to Facebook Game Hidden Chronicles: Tips, Hints and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  1. Once the game loads completely, you will be taken to the Ramsey Manor where you will solve your first scene. Like other Zynga games, Energy plays an important role here. It is essential because it will allow you to enter hidden object scenes. Zero energy means no entry, even though you have unlocked the scene. It gets replenished every 5 minutes. You can also send or receive energy from your friends. To get more energy, you can visit your Facebook friends manor or after leveling up.
  2. To get more points, check the clue list at the bottom of the screen and glance over the scene to spot objects. This way you can click on the items much quicker and earn a combo. You can also take advantage of the hint system (magnifying glass plus other hints yet to be unlocked by developers) to increase your chances to unlock a combo.
  3. Once you’ve solved the first scene (tutorial), you will be taken to a secret room located behind the library. It is actually a rare artifact room. This room houses strange artifacts that can only be accessed by a Guardian (your uncle was a guardian and you’re a guardian too. Guardians have the power to peek into the history of an artifact he/she touches.
  4. Many a times you will find certain clues appear in blue color in any scene. These are “super clues” and require more than one task to complete. This means you will have to do additional tasks instead of just finding the item. For example if a super clue says “Light the Candle”. You will have to find and click on the match box first and then click on the candle to complete the task and earn points.
  5. You can click on the magnifying glass to get a hint. A small halo highlights the area where the object is kept hidden.
  6. To play bonus mini-games, you will have to find all objects quickly. They are available in select scenes and can be unlocked as a bonus once you’ve found all objects quickly. Mini-games range from challenging jigsaw puzzles or finding a certain number of coins to get more points. They are very short fun games and should not be confused with other mini games like spot the differences and Fast Find.
  7. Along with the hidden object puzzles, there plenty of additional mini games to play. As of now, there are three mini games: Bonus Challenge, Fast Find and Find the Difference. Of these Fast Find has some social elements infused to it. In this mini game, you can invite your FB friends to a hidden object challenge.
  8. Spot the difference allows you to find the differences from the given two images. You earn points when you spot all differences in the set time limit.
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Request Clues Buy Clues from Market
Request Clues
Request Clues

How to Get Clues in Hidden Chronicles?

Do not confuse “Clues” with the ones you find in hidden object scenes. They are totally different and usually help you unlock expansion areas.

Tip 1: Get Clues from Friends
1. Ask for clues from your Facebook friends. To request them, click on the locked area.
2. A new window will pop up. It will explain some prerequisites to unlock the area, such as Earn a certain number of trophies”, “Earn coins and "Collect 4 Clues."
3. To collect clues, click on the “Post for Clues” button. Your request will go live on your Facebook wall. Your friends will be able to see the clue request shared on their Walls.
4. They will need to click on the “Send Clue” link to give you clues. For sharing a clue, they will also get one clue.
Tip 2: Buy Clues from Marketplace
1. You can also buy a pack of 5, 10 and 20 clues from the market
2. Access the Marketplace. Click on the Clue icon.
3. A pack of 5 clues costs 9 estate cash, whereas a pack of 10 clues costs 17 estate cash and 20 clues costs 32 cash.
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Click on Hide package to place a green travelling bag near your Fb friend's estateThis is how a secret package looks likeClick on the Send buttonAccess notifications via the white envelopeClick on AcceptNow find the hidden package and click on it to get goodies.
Click on Hide package to place a green travelling bag near your Fb friend's estate
Click on Hide package to place a green travelling bag near your Fb friend's estate

Hiding and Finding Secret Packages in Hidden Chronicles

Hiding Packages
1. To place a secret package on your Facebook neighbor’s estate, click on your FB neighbor’s profile pic located at the bottom of the screen. For visiting your friend’s estate you get rewards. This can be coins, energy and reputation points. So do visit your friends frequently.
2. Click on the Hide a Package link.
3. The package is olive green in color and looks like a travelling chest.
4. Now click on the area of your choice to place the package. Make sure you place them in unlocked areas, i.e. areas that lighten up. The game says that you will have to place the secret package within the manor.
5. After placing the package, click on the Send button.
Finding Secret Packages
1. If someone sends a package, you will be notified. Check the notifications. Alternatively, you can click on the small white envelope located on the right hand side of the screen (check out the screenshots)
2. Accept the notification.
3. Now you will have to find the package hidden by your Facebook friend. You can easily find it as it will be somewhere within the Ramsey estate and not far away. Click on the package, and then click on Open and Thank you to accept it.
Note: Please enlarge the screenshots on your right. They will help you to understand these steps more easily.

How to Earn Bonus Points in Hidden Chronicles?

When finding hidden items in a scene, players won’t have to worry about any time limit. They can find objects at their comfort and earn points and rewards. This means there isn’t any timer, unlike the Fast Find Puzzle Challenge mini-game, which allows players to find all items in 60 seconds.
However, there’s a small bonus combo bar located at the top-right corner of the screen. This bar appears when players click on the first item. The combo bar allows gamers to earn extra points. In order to earn points, they have to click on items rapidly before the bar empties. Here are some simple tricks to earn bonus points in Hidden Chronicles:
1. When you enter a hidden object scene, glance over the clues at the bottom of the screen.
2. Do not jump in and start clicking on items. Make a note of all items mentally. Once you’re confident that you’ve found all items after scanning the scene, you can proceed.
3. Once you click the first item, you trigger the Bonus meter on the top-right corner of the screen. Since you have marked up all items in your mind, it will be easy for you to click on them quickly before the bonus meter gets empty. This will allow you to earn plenty of extra points. What’s more, you also earn mastery trophy.

Which Facebook Hidden Object Game is Better?

  • Hidden Chronicles
  • Gardens of Time
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Unlocking Items, Earning Estate Cash and Coins

The more a player completes quests, the more the chances he has to earn coins. This allows him to unlock new hidden object scenes to uncover the mystery of the haunted manor. Each new level will have more challenging hidden object scenes.
The one gripe I have is the insufficient social elements added to the game. The level of interaction between players is very limited and hence it is projected more as a single-player hidden object game than a social game. But that absolutely does not diminish its gameplay value. It offers the same level of excitement as other similar-genre games. Here are some key Hidden Chronicles hints and tips to earn coins and estate cash.
  • The faster you find all objects, the more items you will unlock. Unlocked items such statues, flower patches, light posts and other decorations can then be used to decorate the estate (main screen). Placing items on the yard not only increases points but also allow you to unlock more scenes.
  • For every completed scene you earn coins, which can then be used to buy items from the marketplace.
  • Locked scenes require players to earn Estate Points (EP) and unlock them. EPs can be earned by placing items on the yard in the front of the manor in the main menu screen. To place items, navigate to the Marketplace (silver shield) and click on the items to buy them. Make sure you’ve enough coins. You can get coins and cash by clicking on the Earn Coins and Cash at the top of the screen and doing certain tasks like completing surveys, purchasing software and shopping via major retail brands.
  • You can also buy coins and estate cash via your mobile phone. To do this, click on Add Coins and Cash and choose the option to buy coins.
  • Invite friends first to ensure you complete the initial objectives quickly. Invite more neighbors and see how quickly you complete the objectives. Inviting FB buddies also helps unlock the Fast Find mini game.

Hidden Chronicles Tips and Hints
Hidden Chronicles Tips and Hints

Game Interface

Hidden Chronicles has everything a hidden object should have - Splendid visuals, great attention to detail and plenty of challenging puzzles to solve. The game tests your pixel-hunting skills and memory to hunt down thousands of objects cleverly hidden within gorgeous scenes. Social elements allow players to send secret gifts to their FB buddies. What’s more, they can challenge them to locate all objects within a set time.
  • Currently, the game has 50 levels, which means you will have plenty of scenes to unlock and solve puzzles.
  • · Like Gardens of Time, Hidden Chronicles allows casual gamers to decorate their yard outside the manor with unlocked items and decorations.
To the right hand side of the screen are key gameplay elements:
  • · The Inventory icon (chest) allows players to keep energy gifts and key components.
  • · The Marketplace (Silver Shield icon) is the one stop shop to purchase reputation hearts, coins and cash.
  • · System Tools (gear icon) allows players to tweak settings, turn on/off game sounds and music, zoom in/out and play in full screen.
  • · The Toolbar (yellow arrow icon) lets players move an object in the main screen, sell items and rotate them.
I am sure you have played a few hidden object games before. If you’re a newbie player, all you have to know is the objective. You will have to find objects that lay cleverly hidden in every scene. Each hidden item found earns you points. Combos can be earned by finding items in a row. You earn more points if you find all items without using the hint system. The lesser hints you use, the more bonus points you earn.
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Example of a Bonus Mini Game in Zynga's Hidden ChroniclesThe MapExample of a Hidden Object Scene Paris BistroThief's Layer
Example of a Bonus Mini Game in Zynga's Hidden Chronicles
Example of a Bonus Mini Game in Zynga's Hidden Chronicles

Miscellaneous Tips to Improve Your Hidden Object Skills

  1. When playing the Find the Difference mini game, make sure you click the items immediately after spotting the difference. The more quickly you find them, the better the chances of earning more points. Points are based on getting combos and spotting all differences accurately without clicking on the wrong items.
  2. Expand land in order to place more objects. You can request your neighbors for Grants and acquire them as soon as possible.
  3. To see all artifacts unlocked, you will have to access the map. In the main menu screen, click on the manor and click on the map located at the top-right corner of the screen. Once the map opens up, you will
  4. You can replay all the scenes you’ve solved to earn more trophies and improve your skills. It will help you unlock additional secrets of the manor.
  5. Some items take time to complete. After placing them, you’ll have to wait for certain structures to get completed.
  6. You can visit your neighbors daily and throw a quickie hidden object challenge. You can also keep a secret surprise gift in his/her lawn.
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Questions, Tips, Suggestions?

Hidden Chronicles is new and hence many items in the interface will get unlocked in future. I will update this hub with more tips and tricks once I play and unlock more scenes. Until then, share your own tips. You can ask questions and leave suggestions to improve this guide.

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