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mardi 1 mai 2012

Hidden Chronicles Cheats for Clues

Q: How to collect clues from posts in Hidden Chronicles?
Here’s the background info about the query:
“Hello I am playing the game from last two three weeks and everything. Recently I have collected 4 or 5 clues but after that I am not able to collect any clues but when I tried to collect more clues I get message saying that they are gone. So I just need to know how can collect more and more Clues from post and along with this I would also need to know what is the how much clues we can collect in one day. I think I have collected five but after that I have started getting the error message. . I love the game, but am about to give up due to this…”
A: Here’s the closest answer about the question being asked about clues in Hidden Chronicles.
I had to change both my newsfeed settings and app settings and after that I have solved mine issue. So I would like to suggest you to make sure you have right setting on your Facebook. Check your FB settings to make sure you have the right settings.
Hidden Chronicles Cheat Tool
Please be forebearing because as of this time, we can’t offer you the download link or URL for Hidden Chronicles Cheats for Clues. If you are the first few players to be able to download and use the cheat tool for clues, please share by leaving comment here.
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