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samedi 28 avril 2012

Share your CastleVille links with us!

Site Features:
» No Registration Required
» No App Installation needed
» No spammy comments using Facebook account.
» No need to add random people and end up being spam.
» Make sure that your links get clicked. Monitor your click count
» Auto refresh shared links every 3 minutes
» Automated Clicks from us (2 times!)
» 100% castleville link only
» Will work for as long as the game allows it :)
About 2x Auto click:
»We have set up our computer to click your links automatically with 2 different facebook accounts which means 90% you are going to receive 2 items every time you post on our site
»Our machines are online everyday 1:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. (UCT-05:00 Eastern Time).
»We are aware of the daily limit. We switch accounts every 5 hours to avoid it.
»Why not 3 clicks? We want you to get some free staff too.
»Why not 24hrs a day? Our computers need to sleep too :) (We are working on it to make it available for everyone 24hrs a day)
»Our computer will spend 2 minutes per link to make sure that the page completely loads.
are your CastleVille links with us!

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