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lundi 30 avril 2012

dragon nest dungeon crash dragon nest guia crafting dragon nest incoming classes

Dragon Nest is a fantastic free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game developed by Eyedentity. In this game, players as heroes of Lagendia have to save the creator of their land, the Goddess Althea. They need to fight evil dragons to find power stones, which would enable them to communicate with the sleeping Goddess in order to find the grail, and thus wake her and save the world.
This game incorporated a non-targeting system of gameplay to create a fabulous fast paced, action-filled experience. Players need to choose from a range of various hero classes, characters from the Dragon Nest storyline, who can be equipped with customizable gear and weapons. All this needs a lot of cash and energy points. Many players do not accept spending real cash to purchase these weapons. Hence, they start looking out for hacks and cheats that can help them out. There are many hacks available but most of them are risky to use as they have limited features and crash down every time you try using them. So, we have devised a multi-feature, crash free hack that can provide unlimited cash and energy level for free.
Our Dragon Nest hack 2012 can help players to advance their characters while traveling into instanced dungeons. Our Dragon Nest hack and cheat can show characters from every level, and teach great defense and action moves to defeat enemies. Players can also learn some sneaky ways to manipulate the Cash Shop, which is an in-game shop where players can use real-life currency to buy equipment. There are numerous special items available in our Dragon Nest cheats, which immensely helps in the development of the characters.
Players can get special tips to power up and gain experience for all level ranges. There is gold available and lower level players can use our hack to find this gold and get rich quickly so they can buy more equipment and weapons. Another great trick available is the crafting manual, which can enable a player to hone their crafting skills to enhance their power and defensive abilities. Use our super special Dragon Nest hack and cheat to find everything you need to for help with this great game including various kinds of help like, detailed walkthroughs and guides plus many different kinds of hints, tips and cheat codes to unlock different levels of the game.
As our Dragon Nest hack 2012 has features like anti-ban, auto-update, and crash free, most of the players are happily using it. So, what are you waiting for? Download our hack now and enjoy the game
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